Junior News 2010




The junior section members have voted for their runners of the year for 2010.

So congratulations go to Ellie Stanyer and Nathan Sabin on being voted this years runners of the year.




Report: Frank Grant

4th Race – Westwood High School, Leek.


15 of our juniors turned out for the final race of the North Staffs cross country league at Westwood high school Leek on the 11th of December. In the girls under 11s Hannah Talbot 3rd 8-22, Elisha Walker 9th 8-59, Isabbele Kelley 12th 9-47, Millie Stanyer 11-06.

The girls finished 3rd team and Hannah Talbot was 1st individual over the four races.

U13s Kayleigh Derry 18th 8-52, Ellie Baxter 25th 9-21, Laura Taylor 26th 9-50, Ellie Stanyer 28th 10-08. They finished 5th team.

U15s Lauren Gee 18th 15-56.

U17s Julie Addison 5th 23-16

In the boys races U11s Will Sammons 10th 8-29.

U13s Tom Sabin 11th 12-52, Alex Mackay 12th 12-37, Joe Smith 16th 12-58 and they were 4th team.

U15s Nathan Sabin 9th finished 2nd in the individuals



3rd Race Stafford Common


We had 22 juniors turn out on the 13th of November for the third race in the North Staffs league on the common the results as follows girls under 11s Hannah Talbot 1st 6-49 Elisha Walker 10th 7-19 Robyn Volk 17th 7-48 Isabelle Kelly 18th 7-36 Emily Murray 33rd 9-24 girls u13s Kayleigh Derry 16th 7-33 Ellie Baxter 24th 7-58 Laura Taylor 30th 8-14 Ellie Stanyer 31st 8-16 Sara Holiday 35th 8-44 Amy Stevens 36th 8-50 U15s girls Lauren Gee 17th 14-56 and Julie Addison 5th 21-00 in the girls U 17s in the boys races U11s Will Sammons 14th 7-30 Tom Bailey 26th 7-59 U13s Tom Sabin 19th 13-16 Alex Mackay 22nd 13-34 Joe Smith 23rd 16th 13-45 U 15s Nathan Sabin 3rd 16-20 Matty Burdett 17th 17-22 Sam Watts 24th 17-50 Curtis Owen 40th 21-19




Inter Counties at Bridgenorth


Here are some of our juniors who recently ran for Staffordshire in the Inter Counties races at Bridgenorth. Full report to follow.

Seen at the race are from the left

Kayliegh Derry, Elisha Walker, Robyn Vlok and Ellie Baxter



Second Race – Park Hall

Another good turn out for the second race at Park Hall.


Saturday 6th November was a very tough day for four of our Junior Harriers. Ellie Baxter, Elisha Walker, Robyn Vlok and Kayliegh Derry not only ran in the second North Staffs League race at Park Hall, they also ran in the Staffordshire Inter Counties qualifier race. All four won places to represent Staffordshire Schools in Bridgnorth on November 20th. In the Year 7 race Ellie was 6th, Elisha 7th and Robyn 8th and in the Year 8 race Kayliegh was 7th.

They then were all whisked off to Park Hall to meet up with their fellow Junior Harriers to race. It was a bit too much for Ellie who for the first time since being with the Harriers didn’t finish the race but credit goes to all of the girls who did both. Especially good races were run by Nathan Sabin and Hannah Talbot who both came second in their respective races for the second time this year. It was great to see all the Junior Harriers staying and supporting each other it really does help.


The results.

North Staffordshire Cross Country League – Race 2 – Park Hall – 6/11/2010


Under 11 Girls
3rd team out of 6
Under 11 Boys
Incomplete team
Hannah Talbot
Will Sammons
Elisha Walker
Tom Bailey
Robin Vlok
Isabelle Kelly
Millie Stanyer
Emily Murray
Under 13 Girls
5th team out of 6
Under 13 Boys
6th team out of 9
Kayleigh Derry
Tom Sabin
Laura Taylor
Alex Mackay
Ellie Stanyer
Joe Smith
Sara Holliday
Under 15 Girls
Incomplete team
Under 15 Boys
Incomplete team
Lauren Gee
Nathan Sabin
Sam Watts
Under 17 Girls
Incomplete team
Julie Addison
No team



Stafford District Cross Country Finals

On the 20th October seven junior Harriers took part in the Stafford District Cross Country Finals at the Stafford Grammar School. This was a qualifying race to go on and run in the County Champs at Staffordshire University in early 2011. All who ran put in superb performances, with Ellie Baxter winning year 7 girls for Christchurch Middle, followed by Alisha Walker from Walton Middle, in fourth running for year 7 although still only year 6. Nathan Sabin came in a brilliant second in his respective age group for his school, Penkridge High. A special mention goes out to, new junior Harrier, Amy Oliver, who, in her first ever cross country race for Christhchurch Middle, came in a very respectable twelfth place, well done Amy.
I was very proud to be watching and cheering on these super children running their hearts out for their schools whilst also proudly representing the Harriers. You were all brilliant.
Craig Baxter



North Staffordshire Cross Country League

Winsford, Cheshire – 02/10/2010

At the first North Staffs cross country meeting on the 2nd of October at the Knights Grange Sports Centre at Winsford, we had 22 juniors turn out – a record number.
In the Girls races we had in the under 11s Hannah Talbot, having a good run to finish 2nd in 4-04, supported by Elisha Walker, Milliie Stanyer, Emily Murray and Isabelle Kelly (sorry we have no finishing place for her).
In the under 13s Kayliegh Derry finished 14th in 9-28. She was disappointed with her run. She was followed by Ellie Baxter, Laura Taylor in her first cross country race (ran very good to finish 29th) and Ellie Stanyer. Sara Holliday started the race but had to drop out, not feeling well. She was very upset on not completing the run as it is not many times this happens – in fact I think it is the first time. I hope she will be back with us next week.
In the girls under 15s we had just Lauren Gee and in the under 17s we had Julie Addison .
On to the boys, in the under 11s we had just two runners Will Sammons and Tom Bailey. In the under 13s Tom Sabin, Angus Hamplett, Joe Smith, Alex Mackay and George Weaverkine all ran strongly. In the under 15s we had Nathan Sabin back to form to finish 2nd in 14-38 followed by Matty Burdett and Will Hamplett .
I say well done to them all. Report from Frank Grant


Lichfield Fun Run

3 Harrier girls took part in the annual Lichfield fun run, attached to the Lichfield 10k race. There are no official results and there was no official distance, but Ellie Stanyer said it was about a mile and a half, Millie Stanyer said it was about 6 miles! The start is at the same time as the 10k race and in a field adjacent to the 10k starters. They had an uphill start , went around the school grounds for a down hill finish in the playing fields. In a field of approx 60 runners, Ellie was 2nd girl home, 13th overall. Millie Stanyer was 46th overall. Unfortunately we didn’t see the other Junior Harrier, Emily Murray, to ask what position she was, but heard she had a great run too. They all got a great chunky medal, a goody bag full of drinks and chocolate,and personal announcements over the loud speaker when they finished. A much better organised event for the juniors this year with them having a separate starting area to avoid confusion and with the upbeat atmosphere all makes for a great family occasion.

Photo shows Ellie and Millie with their Chunky Medals.




Staffs. Knot 2 mile Fun Run

11 August 2010

Eleven Junior Harriers were among the 75 who ran the Fun Run.

The race was won by 14yr old Alex Benfield of Burton AC in 10:56

Harrier runners were:

2nd Nathan Sabin – 11:31

4th Matty Burdett – 12:06

7th Tom Sabin – 13:02

9th Joseph Smith – 13:30

10th Curtis Owen – 13:40

12th Alex Mackay – 13:46

13th Elisha Walker -13:46

15th Hannah Talbot – 13:54

25th Jared Wheatley – 15:17

30th Amie Stephens – 16:11

41st Joseph Cartmail – 17:25

Well run all of you !!


Meerbrook Junior Gun Hill Run

8 August 2010
Curtis Owen came 4th in this race – run in conjunction with the Meerbrook 15k senior race – in 11:56. Well done Curtis



21JULY 2010

A small group of our young ladies travelled across to the Burton AC Track to take part in a friendly competition between members of Stafford Harriers, Burton AC and Tamworth AC.
Each athlete competed in 4 events – a sprint, a middle distance run, long jump and a Vortex Howler throw in 3 age groups – 8 & 9 yr olds, 10 & 11 yr olds, ans 12 & 13 yr olds.
Kayleigh Derry and Hannah Talbot won their respective groups and were awarded medals by Olympic 400m runner, Daniel Caines.




Nathan Sabin ran well to finish 2nd overall in this race which was run just before the Senior 5ml race.
He took only 12:59 to get around the two lakes, though this was 46 secs slower than Alex Banfield of Birchfield who won the race.
Curtis Owen ran in about 5th place but didn’t have a number so didn’t get an official place or time.
Will Sammons finished 9th overall in 15:01 and brother Jack finished 24th in 16:16.
88 runners finished the Fun Run.



11 July 2010
(in association with the Cheadle 4ml Senior race)
Curtis Owen won the “Fun Run” race for the 2nd year running with a masterful final sprint – well done Curtis !




10 JULY 2010

At the recent Harriers games we had twenty juniors turn out.
The winners of the junior groups were Ellie Stanyer (group 1) Kayleigh Derry (group 2) and Amy Gorman (group 3).
Six of the juniors run in senior groups with Nathan Sabin winning group B, Matty Burdett 3rd and Sam Watts 4th
In group C Jenny Addison was 3rd and sister Julie 5th and in group D, George Wilcox was 3rd.



Stafford & District Schools Athletic Championships

Rowley Park 29th June 2010

A report from Ellie Baxter
On a hot evening I was representing my school, Christchurch Middle School, Stone, in the 1500mtrs.
I knew I was a slow finisher so I had to start off quite fast and try and stay in front.
I opened up quite a big lead and by the final lap I was about 50mtrs in front. I kept my lead for 1450mtrs before eventually being passed, I was really tired because of the heat and also I am not used to running races on the track.
I finished 2nd in a time of 6.09, thirty seconds faster than my previous best time. Elisha Walker, from the Harriers finished in third.
I really enjoyed the race, but was a little sad not to win it; but I think I can still do a lot better with more practice.

A report from Ellie Stanyer
The nerves built up at school, I was only half there. All day I was thinking what if I won? What if I really won? What would it feel like? Would I fall over again?

At the stadium I was getting myself worked up, I couldn’t sit still. “Nerves are good,” My confident Mum told me. Though somehow I had convinced myself that I NEVER wanted to do another race EVER again. I spoke to Ellie B before the race she told me that I would be fine and gave me a quick hug. It seemed like an eternity before I was on the start line (fourth lane) and when I was I just wanted to be off it again.

“On your marks, get set, GO!” The man shouted as the clacker closed. Suddenly I was off, sprinting around the corner. The wind was in my favour and soon I was crawling up positions. I couldn’t hear anyone behind me, but I didn’t dare look back. “Stanyer! Stanyer!” I heard being chanted from the Leasowes stand. I kept sprinting and sprinting long past the line, making sure that I was into the next heat.

The people at the desk asked for my name and school. “Ellie Stanyer from Leasowes,” I proudly declared . People from other schools were talking to me all the way back up to the start line for the final, I wasn’t listening just nodding here and there. I had to beat them. I just had to.
“Ellie, Ellie!” Leasowes were chanting.

I rushed on from the crowd and tried to get an outside lane. However the man just put me in fourth again. This time when the clacker went I was looking forward to it. I sprinted around the corner, this time I was aware of people behind me. Coming in to the straight I had a battle, she was just behind me. Slowly creeping up. I gave a last spurt, and crossed the line. . . in first place!

On the podium I couldn’t quite believe I had won. As I stood there on the podium, the man asked me if I ran for a club. “Yes, Stafford Harriers…”



23 JUNE 2010

We had seven junior teams turn out for the annual Shugborough relays, the most teams we have had. A very good turn out.

The team in mixed-under64 called themselves El rapido. In that team was Nathan Sabin 12-30, Hannah Talbot 14-28, Matty Burdett 12-34, and Kayleigh Derry 13-49. They finished 5th team with a total time of 53-21.

In the boys-under 52 we had three teams finishing: 3rd was The Winners, comprising Curtis Owen 13-19, Will Hamplett 14-14, Tom Sabin 13-58, and Sam Watts 12-36 – total time 54-04. Stafford Milers was 4th team with Will Sammons 13-51, Joe Smith 14-42, Cameron Fairclough 15-19, and Angus Hamplett 15-22 – total team time 59-14. Our third team finishing 8th, was Lightning with Jack Sammons 14-53, Joe Cartmail 17-04, Tom Bailey 16-02, and Alex Mackay 15-15 total team time 1-03-14.

We also had three teams in the girls-under 52 with the Bobsleigh team finishing 4th – Sophie Cartmail 14-54, Amy Gorman 17-46, Curtis Owen 14-58, and Jerard Weatley 15-05 total time 1-02-43. (I think this was a mixed team but it is on the results as a girls team). The Jumping Joggers was 9th team with Lauren Gee 15-56, Sara Holiday 17-27, Ellie Stanyer 17-27, Amy Stevens 17-46 – team time 1-08-39. The Superb Sprinters was our other team, finishing 10th in 1-08-45 – Megan Dando 24-05, Ellie Baxter 14-52, Elisha Walker 14-48, and Robyn Vlok 15-00.

Sophie Cartmail also ran a leg for a senior team and Curtis Owen ran two legs for junior teams (Julie Addison ran for a senior team).
The fastest leg for the boys was Nathan Sabin and for the girls was run by Kayliegh Derry.

Frank Grant.



2 MAY 2010


Nathan Sabin overall 2nd place 7.30 time, winning u16 boys category
Tom Sabin overall 5th place 8.22 time, winning u12 boys category
Curtis Owen overall 8th place 8.35 time, 2nd place u14 boys category
Hannah Talbot overall 44th place 12.16 time 2nd place u12 girls category



Cheadle 5 Junior Run

7 March 2010


Three Juniors entered the Cheadle Fun Run which was 2 laps at the rear of the school.
There was a huge range of ages and our 3 Junior Harriers found it a bit tough against much older children.
The course was a little narrow and a bit short to really get going.
However they had a great run with Elisha Walker leading the Harriettes home with Ellie and Millie Stanyer close behind.
They were very pleased with their medals and there were quite a few freebies being given out as well!


Stafford Schools Cross Country

March 2010

Other Junior Harriers took part and ran really well, Alisha Walker, Sara Holliday and Millie Stanyer.

The next race in the four race series was on 9th March at Pingle Slade next to the Birches Valley Visitor Centre .

The second race of 4, for school years 5 and 6, saw Elisha Walker (Year 5) run a tactical race, finishing in style in 2nd place. Elisha was the first Year 5 runner to finish the race. Again

Twenty two Staffordshire schools took place with 120+ runners.
Ellie Baxter also took part, running a great race finishing in 7th place.
other Harriers who ran well were Sara Holliday and Millie Stanyer.
well done to all Harriers.


The third race took place on Tuesday 16th March 2010 at Weston Road High School, Stafford.
Another good run from Elisha Walker who finished 3rd out of 130 runners and Ellie Baxter who came 5th.
well done to all the Harriers that took part.


Inter schools cross country

Some of our Harriers took part in the inter schools cross country on Saturday 6 February at Stoke University
Nathan Sabin 4th 15.56 – year 8/9
Matthew Burdett 19th 17.40 – year 8/9
Julie Addison 13th 19.58 – year 10/11
Nathan’s run qualified him to represent Staffordshire Schools at the All England Schools Cross Country Championships in Manchester on 20 March.
Great running Nathan !!


Midland Area Cross Country Championships

30 January 2010

This year the Championships were held on our home course on Stafford Common.This is next only to a National Championship in importance and many International juniors were taking part. It was a great chance for the Harriers to see what a major Championship is like and to run full Championship distances. We had five of our juniors out on the day with Joe Smith, Curtis Owen and Jack Sammons running the 3K Under 13 race. Joe finished 88th in 12:02 and Curtis finished 100th in 12:24 and Jack 112th in 13:41 Well done to the three of you. Curtis was taken ill at the end and was taken to hospital were he was found to be suffering from dehydration. It doesn’t only happen on hot days. We are pleased to say that he recovered quite quickly and is now well again.
In the under 15 boys we had Nathan Sabin and Matty Burdett running the 4K course. Both ran well with Nathan finishing 47th in 16:08 and Matty 102nd in 18:00. These races were also used as the Staffordshire Championships and we are waiting to find out how they all did in those Championships. As soon as we know we will have it the on the web.

Curtis, Jack, Nathan and Matty at the Championships it seems Joe hid from the photographer.

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