Junior News 2014

Wheaton Aston, 10K Road Race

27th December 2014

We had four Juniors running at this event, Hannah Talbot, Amy Oliver, Jack Hodkinson and Will Sammons. For Hannah, Jack & Will this was their debut 10K race. It had been snowing the night before and the conditions were a little slippery underfoot in places. Unfortunately, the traditional Junior Fun Run had to be cancelled due to the icy conditions.

Name Position Time
Jack Hodkinson 51 41:56
Hannah Talbot 112 45:45
Amy Oliver 315 1:00:21

There is no official time for Will Sammons as he had intended to run in the Fun Run. Well done to all four who ran this race.

21st December – Harriers Winter Handicap Race

There were five Juniors who ran in this race, for some, this being their first Handicap.

Name Time Handicap Net Time
Jack Hodkinson 45:00 19:00 26:00
George Hodkinson 45:23 17:00 28:23
Ewan Jackson 45:31 16:00 29:31
Hannah Talbot 45:34 15:30 30:04
Jake Oliver 48:32 16:00 32:32

Well done to all those who ran this race.



4th North Staffs Cross Country Race, Westwood High School, Leek

13th December 2014
We had a total of 24 Juniors running ‘Killer Hill’, the last race of the North Staffs League, in somewhat cold and frosty conditions. It was great to see quite a few of the Juniors travelling on the coach, which helped build a team spirit and comradeship.

Under 11 Boys (who finished 7th team)

Name Position Time
Tom Brownsil 4 7:30
James Sutton 19 8:18
Oliver Patrick 30 8:37
Robert Gray 38 8:53
Harry Dale 39 8:56
Evan Davis-Fuller 43 9:00
Matthew Hilsdon 49 9:35


Under 13 Boys (who finished 5th team)

Name Position Time
George Hodkinson 13 10:41
Ewan Jackson 15 10:58
Will Buckley 32 12:18
Jake Oliver 35 13:00
Alfie Marsden 37 13:12
Cieran Coghlan 45 17:16


Under 15 Boys

Name Position Time
Will Sammons 10 14:23
Kieran Mogey 31 20:09


Under 17 Men

Name Position Time
Jack Hodkinson 13 22:14


Under 11 Girls (who finished 12th team)

Name Position Time
Evie Jackson 27 6:27
Katie Taylor 52 7:17
Lucy Taylor 59 7:53


Under 13 Girls

Name Position Time
Taygon Pike 32 8:41


Under 15 Girls

Name Position Time
Hannah Talbot 10 11:40
Gabby Lufton 20 13:08


Under 17 Women

Name Position Time
Beth Darke 8 17:50
Amy Oliver DNF



This was a great turnout by the Juniors, achieving some commendable times and positions, and yet again, their post-race comments have suggested they enjoyed themselves, despite the fact it was ‘Killer Hill’. A massive well done to all who took part in this event.


Stafford, Santa Dash Fun Run

7th December 2014

We had Matthew Hilsdon and Alfie Darby taking part in this festive fun run, through the town centre of Stafford, on a sunny winter’s morning. Both of their Dads also ran in the race, which turned out to be somewhat competitive, resulting in Phil Hilsdon winning the race, and mostly likely a few tearful children! Well done to Matthew and Alfie.


Stafford & Stone District Sportshall


During the month of December we have also had several Juniors competing in the School Indoor Athletics at Blessed William Howard School. Once again, it is great to see Juniors competing in events outside of the Harriers. Well done to all that took part.


Junior Awards Presentation for 2014


Six Juniors received trophies as recognition for their development and progress during 2014, demonstrated by their race results and achievements whilst representing the Harriers. The awards were given out by Club Chairman Craig Baxter at the Juniors Christmas Party, held at Tenpin on Wednesday, 17 December.


Most Improved Junior Girl: Ellie Smith

Most Improved Junior Boy: Kieran Mogey

Newcomer Junior Girl: Beth Darke

Newcomer Junior Boy: Matthew Hilsdon

Runner of the Year Junior Girl: Hannah Talbot

Runner of the Year Junior Boy: George Hodkinson


In addition certificates were awarded to those Juniors who had completed all four North Staffs Cross Country Races, and trophies were given out to those who ran in the team that came first place in the Stone St Michaels10K Relay Race back in June.


A massive well done to all the Juniors for your hard work and efforts during 2014. Your coaches Chris, Ian, Mark and Graham would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


5k Time Trials


In order to help monitor your progress, we have decided that 3 to 4 times every year (during Summer months only) to take the juniors out to Castlefields car park and run a 5k time trial along the disused railway. Each time they run their performance will be logged and then we can chart each individuals progress which we can monitor and help with the juniors to see their development as a result of the hard effort they put in training.




Name 9th April 18th June 10th Sept Difference June & Sept
Will Sammons 18.47 20.10
George Hodkinson 20.45 18.51
Jack Hodkinson 20.42 18.54
Ewan Jackson 21.43 20.00
Owen Turner 20.24
Hannah Talbot 21.33 20.44 22.04 -03
Jack Sammons 21.41
Matt Cope 23.39 22.18
Jake Oliver 23.29 22.34 23.36 -0.07
Gabby Lufton 24.55 23.11 24.49 0.06
Beth Darke 23.11 23.23
Harvey Gomersall 23.23 23.16
Dan Staphnill 23.24
Ellie Smith 24.43 23.42 24.18 0.25
Amy Oliver 25.34 24.19 24.30 1.04
Harry Hornby 25.08
Kieran Mogey 26.05 25.14 24.27 1.38
Ali Morgan 23.31 25.14 25.01 -1.30
Meg Johnson 24.46 25.28
Olivia Black 26.16 25.35
Nathan Hine 25.40
George Mills 25.41
Harry Dale 26.27 25.02
Cara Hawkins 28.50
Kian Arnott 29.12 28.09
Lauren Staphnill 29.45
Joe Smith 20.28
Will Buckley 22.27
Taygen Pike 26.16 24.28 1.48
Alfie Marsden 24.15
Olivia Gonsilbz 24.17
Oliver Patrick 26.02
Andy Fitzhenry 29.24
Laura Gratkowska 30.04

NB Diff column is the difference in times between April and September, as the measured distance for the course on these dates was consistent

Pre-Season Cross Country – Trentham,

Sat 6th September


A valuable pre-season warm up event organised by the Staffs Athletics network (www.ssan.org.uk) and hosted by Trentham Running Club at Trentham Rugby Club.

Races were held for various age groups & distances to match the usual North staffs league format, such as U9’s/U11’s (1500m), U13’s (2000m) & U15’s / U17’s (3000m)

The entry numbers were disappointing with probably a few holidays & football training clashes effecting the turn out.

However, 6 x enthusiastic Junior Harriers made the effort and walked away with some impressive results& worthwhile experience in hand.

Performances as follows:

U13’s 3rd Jake Oliver 5th Taygen Pike

U15’s 3rd Kieran Mogey 5th Gabby Lufton

U17’s 1st Beth Darke 2nd Amy Oliver

Staffs Knot 2 mile Fun Run and 5 mile Race (Marquis Drive, Cannock Chase)

30th July 2014


Report by Ian Hodkinson


On a beautiful warm summer’s evening, we had 20 enthusiastic and keen Juniors running in the Fun Run, the course being the smaller loop of the main race.

For some, this was their debut race for the Harriers.


Name Position Time
Will Sammons 1 12:00
George Hodkinson 3 12:05
Owen Turner 4 12:09
Ewan Jackson 5 12:40
Jake Oliver 6 13:38
Ali Morgan 7 13:56
Taygen Pike 10 14:29
Kieran Mogey 13 14:47
Robert Gray 15 15:41
Matthew Hilsdon 16 15:43
Alfie Darby 17 16:00
Sami Morgan 18 16:31
Evie Jackson 21 16:37
Lara Tolley 23 16:41
Polly Pye 24 16:43
Lucy Taylor 27 19:10
Amy Simcox 31 21:20
Lilia Mogey 32 21:28
Katie Taylor 33 21:42
Rose White 34 21:49


Congratulations to all who ran this race.


In the 5 mile race we had Amy Oliver and Jack Hodkinson, who both had an excellent run.


Name Position Time
Jack Hodkinson 64 33:24
Amy Oliver 252 45:09


This was Jack’s debut adult race, having recently turned 15 just two earlier, finishing in a very respectable position, and coming in 36th place in the men’s category, so a very big well done goes out to Jack, and of course to Amy.


Race report by Lilia Mogey (age 8yrs)

On Wednesday 30th I took part in the Staffs Knot with the Stafford Harriers. It was my first ever race and I loved wearing my Stafford Harriers vest. At the start my race I felt nervous, frightened and anxious because I had never run 2 miles before. I felt better when everybody around me kept saying good luck.

The start line felt really scary to me as I was surrounded by other runners talking about winning. I tried not to listen and concentrated on my race.

As I got going my nerves disappeared and I felt happier. There were lots of people I knew cheering me on and that kept making me smile. I ran my best and only stopped once to get rid of my stitch.

Near the finish I could hear lots of cheers. The man on the microphone said as I finished “it’s nice to see a smile on a face as 509 comes in”. That made me smile even more.

I loved the race and would do another one. My brother says feeling scared is normal. I really enjoyed being part of it and will be showing my teachers my medal in September.

The 2014 Edition of the Harrier Games

19th July @ Rowley Park
Report by Ian Hodkinson


This years’ Games were a fun event (seriously!) open to all Adults & Juniors.
Anyone who had ever dreamt of being the next Mo Farah or Usain Bolt – had the chance to have a go on a proper track Vs their fellow harrier friends !
27 Juniors & 23 Adults were able to experience running track races against a top class field of fellow harriers on Rowley Parks top quality track & at the same
time beating Mum’s, Dad’s, friends & other harriers.
This year we held the Annual Harriers Games @ Rowley Park Stadium on a Wet & Humid day with early morning thunder storms (which might have scared a few runners off).
But, by the orders of Mr Chairman, the rain held off just in time for us to get the games off with the traditional 1 miler race.
Everybody ran 3 x track events (2 x long + 1 x short or 2 x short + 1 x long), with all athletes grouped into leagues of similar abilities.
There were some top performances on the day with some very close finishes (plus a couple of Juniors beating their Dad mentioning no names)
I think it was fair to say that everyone who took part really enjoyed themselves, if not in the races at least at the social & presentations held afterwards
At the Morris Man. Prizes generously donated by Craig were awarded to each group winner.
Full results & Group standings are as below:-

GROUP A. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Ian Talbot 390 2.22.04 1 27.21 1 60.91 1 3
Phil Hilsdon 388 5.08.30 1 62.18 2 10.38 1 4
Mark Bridgwood 386 5.08.81 2 64.09 3 10.40 2 7
Jack Hodkinson 278 5.18 3 2.24.18 2 27.49 2 7
Kev Darby 440 14.49 1 2.31.40 4 30.11 3 8
Ian Hodkinson 400 5.35 4 2.31.14 3 65.54 4 11
GROUP B. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Steve Jackson 372 5.28 1 13.43 2 70.65 2 5
John Gomersall 373 5.33 3 13.24 1 2.46.30 3 7
George Hodkinson 251 5.30 2 15.14 4 68.52 1 7
Hannah Talbot 277 5.45 4 2.43.27 1 31.22 2 7
Jim Smith 376 2.44.40 2 30.90 1 73.32 4 7
Ian Dale 338 5.56 5 14.86 3 71.22 3 11
Joe Atherton 375 41.64 4 87.36 6 13.28 1 11
Dave Payling 385 2.47.89 4 33.68 3 76.56 5 12
GROUP C. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
David Taylor 392 6.47 1 2.56.32 1 1.18 1 3
Caitlin Gomersall 374 2.56.48 2 34.60 2 1.19 2 6
Dom Mattocks 419 14.64 1 3.23 4 31.68 1 6
Caryl Gibson 339 40.97 5 1.42 3 15.09 1 9
Anne Coghlan 397 17.98 3 3.18 3 38.18 4 10
Julie Mogey 371 17.66 2 3.41 5 37.88 3 10
GROUP D. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Gemma Gray 396 3.28 1 37.99 1 1.30 1 3
Katrina Jones 391 8.00 1 18.39 1 41.14 3 5
Hannah Lloyd 337 3.45 2 39.29 2 1.36 3 7
GROUP E. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Amanda Taylor 393 4.07 3 45.50 1 1.52 1 5
Debbie Garcia 395 4.17 5 46.67 2 1.54 2 9
Sarah Gray 394 4.15 4 47.11 3 1.55 3 10
Juniors team one 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Gracie Marsden 301 18.36 1 40.26 1 2.44 1 3
Lucy Taylor 230 18.58 2 3.31 1 40.90 2 5
Katie Taylor 231 18.83 3 3.49 2 40.90 2 7
Ella Buckley 279 20.66 4 46.26 4 3.03 2 10
Lilia Mogey 229 20.66 4 47.68 5 3.17 3 12
Reece Bridgwood 215 22.27 6 50.52 6 3.20 4 16
Junior team 2 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Jessica Moseley 145 16.54 1 3.33 2 1.30 1 4
Evie Jackson 216 17.00 3 3.19 1 37.24 1 5
Grace Chalesworth 260 16.81 2 3.39 3 39.01 2 7
Aaron Dale 198 18.47 4 3.42 4 40.90 3 11
Sophia Bridgwood 228 18.89 5 3.43 5 43.25 4 14
Junior Team 3 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Harry Dale 232 16.44 1 3.00 1 1.20 1 3
Robert Gray 176 3.02 2 35.12 1 1.25 2 5
Cieran Coghlan 199 3.14 3 36.62 2 1.26 3 8
Matthew Hilsdon 175 7.12 1 3.22 5 1.34 4 10
Alfie Darby 303 17.77 3 3.17 4 38.26 4 11
Jack Brain 297 DNF 0 17.43 2 38.06 3 5
Junior team 4 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Ewan Jackson 197 14.94 1 2.42 1 31.45 1 3
Will Buckley 294 16.68 2 2.48 2 33.70 2 6
Alfie Marsden 213 3.03 4 33.94 3 1.20 2 9
Kieran Mogey 214 3.00 3 36.50 5 1.18 1 9
George Mills 302 17.27 3 3.13 5 34.32 4 12
Junior Team 5 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Oliva Gonsalves 296 14.40 1 2.56 1 29.74 1 3
Oliva Black 295 16.12 2 3.04 2 35.68 2 6

Finally, a big thank you goes to Craig Baxter (Chief organizer) & Mike Jones for sorting the entries, groups & results.
A special thanks also to all of the track officials for time keeping, race places, starters etc.. (Liz, Simon, Tracey, Ed, Darren, Joe, Craig) without their help we couldn’t hold the event.

JCB Fun Run

17th July 2014
A total of 9 junior harriers made the midweek journey to JCB World HQ @ Rocester on a red hot evening for this popular local fun run over a 2.3 mile distance. All 9 finished exceptionally well, all coming in the top 30 finishers out of 88 entries & taking the spoils with all of the first 3 positions.

1st Home was Jack Hodkinson (13.38 min) followed by Will Sammons (13.53 min) and George Hodkinson (14.02)
Special mention goes to Evie Jackson running her debut harriers race.
Other harriers finishers were:-
6th Ewan Jackson 15.25 min
9th Jake Oliver 16.08 min
11th Will Buckley 16.10 min
12th Alfie Marsden 16.15 min
21st Matthew Hilsdon 17.27 min
30th Evie Jackson 19.35 min

Cheadle 4, Fun Run -Sunday

13th July


Matthew Hilsdon was again the only Junior representing the club in this fun run, coming in 8th place, so a big congratulations to Matthew!

Race for Life 5k, County Show Ground, Stafford

Tuesday, 8th July


We had several Junior Harriers running in this charity race, including Beth Darke, who finished in the top ten.

A big well done to all Harriers who ran this race. (Sorry but no results issued)

Harriers Summer Handicap – Thursday, 3rd July

We had just one Junior Harrier, Jack Hodkinson, running this race, on what was yet another warm summer’s evening.

Jack came in 3rd place, in a fantastic time of 24:55, taking his Dad in style on the last climb, despite starting a minute behind him.

Great running Jack and well done!


Berryhill Fields 2K Fun Run

Tuesday, 1st July



On a warm and still summer’s evening, we had just one Junior representing the club in the Fun Run.

Name Position Time
Matthew Hilsdon 30th 12:30
Also running in this race was his Mum, Karen, who he managed to beat, so a big well done to Matthew!


Latest newsletter


DownloadJunior Harriers Newsletter June14

Stone St. Michaels 10k & 10k Relay



Firstly, a big thank you to those parents/guardians who helped with the changeover points – without their support we would not be able to enter any teams in this event on safety grounds, as it is not fully marshaled.

However, we managed to get enough interest to enter 2 x teams of 5 (each runner completing a 2k leg). The relay is run on the same course as the full 10K race and at the same time, so a great opportunity to overtake some top adults.


Both teams did really well on what was a very hot Sunday morning with Team 1 coming 1st (Jack Hodkinson, Will Buckley, Hannah Talbot, Jake Oliver & George Hodkinson) & Team 2 coming 4th (Kieron Mogey, Harry Dale, Sophia Bridgwood, Robert Gray & Matthew Hilsdon) collecting medals & a trophy on the way !


Well done Harriers !!

In the main 10K race we were represented by Joe Smith (83rd in 42.21 mins) & Amy Oliver (379th in 59.51 mins). Both are making really good progressing moving up to the longer distances.




It was a great turn out from Stafford Harriers and great running from all those Juniors who ran it.

It was surely very thirsty for everyone indeed. The juniors entered 10 x teams (so 40 runners).

The Harriers Young Rockets team (Jack & George Hodkinson, Ewan Jackson & Will Sammons) came second overall in the under 52 years age group.

Which was a good effort – not far behind them was Harrier Young Guns team (Will Buckley, Owen Turner, Jake Oliver & Daniel Staphnil) who also had a great race.

The leading junior on the night was Jack Hodkinson in a time of 12.02 mins.


It was a magnificent display from all of the Harriers (Juniors & seniors), so a big well done to everyone who took part.


George Hodkinson


To see the Harriers Junior results check the pdf below.




8th June 2014


The Two castles run was a run from Warwick Castle to Kenilworth Castle. I found the race very challenging due to the high temperatures and the humidity. I paced myself at the start and went off a bit slower than I think I could of because I didn’t want to tire out and I was wary of the heat. When I got to about the 5k mark, I felt strong as I had just had a water station and so I tried to speed up a bit and overtake some people.

There were several hills along the route, some quite steep and long ones but I tried to get up them as quick as I could to get them over and done with. When I got to around the 8k mark, my family were there cheering me on which gave me an extra boost! The last 800m was a small incline which was tough but I had a sprint finish for the last 200m and I overtook some people. Overall I think I did well due to the sun and the heat and although I didn’t get my best time but I still felt I had a good run clocking 58.59. After the run I went to Zizzi’s restaurant with my family which was a well earned meal.


Amy Oliver

May Newsletter





No report yet but here are the headlines.

10k race;

Two of our Juniors attempted the main 10K race;

101st – Joe Smith in 39:57 min PB

1133st – Amy Oliver in 55:33 min (first ever 10k race !!!) PB

out of 1970 finishers

Great effort from both – a big well done to Joe & Amy !

Fun Run;

There were 5 races of differing distances for different age groups with prizes for 1st boy & girl in each category as below;

0-2 years – 50 metres

3-4 years – 100 metres

5-7 years – 200 metres

8-10 years – 800 metres

11-12 years & 13-14 years – 1.3 miles

The 1.3 mile race was won by Jack Hodkinson (1st, 13-14 years) closely followed by his younger brother George (1st, 11-12 years) both winning their age categories respectively! (see photo1)

Also in this race was Will Buckley (2nd, 11 & 12 years), new member Alfie Marsden & Kieran Mogey. (see photo2, 3 & 4 respectively)

We also had some Harriers running in the 8-10 years race, all finishing strongly and they were, Jake Oliver, Robert Gray & Matthew Hilsden. (see photo5)

4th May – Uttoxeter Half Marathon

Junior race and Fun Run


Just before the main race, there is a junior race around part of the Uttoxeter race course. 77 runners set off on a distance of approx. 2k. Three Harriers took part & two won their categories. First was Jake Oliver in 9.01 mins (6th overall and 1st U12 boy) followed by Amy Oliver in 9.36 mins (10th overall and 1st U16 girl). Also Matthew Hilsdon finished 17th in the U10′ race and was 4th. Well done to to you all !! (nice photo Jake J)


Here is Jake Oliver with his Under 11 Winners Trophy from the Uttoxeter fun run.






South Cheshire 5km Easter Fun Run,

20th April 2014

Young Matthew Hilsdon was our only Junior entrant in this popular but tough Fun Run held on Easter Sunday. We understand that he had an excellent run over what is a tough distance at that age coming home in 20th place out of 41 runners in a fantastic time of 25min 21sec. Well done Matthew !


George Hodkinson & Amy Oliver receiving their awards for Junior Boy & Girl Runners of the year for 2013/14.

These were awarded at the Christmas Party in recognition of their development & progress over the year demonstrated by their results and achievements whilst representing the Harriers.


In addition, that on the same evening Will Sammons also received an award in recognition of his effort and progress whilst stepping up an age category.


Network Rowley Park Relays

5th April approx 1 mile


A big well done to all 36 Juniors who took part in this popular event hosted by the Staffs Athletics Network. Although we didn’t have any winning teams on the day, we had some very impressive performances. Especially those who it was their first ever competitive running. Team & individual Results are published on the Networks website of which a link can be followed from the Harriers Junior page. We had a lot of positive comments from Parents, friends & competitor clubs regarding your encouraging turn out & impressive performances.






Saturday, 8th March

Cofton Park, Schools Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships

We had Hannah Talbot who had previously qualified to run in these championships, representing Staffordshire, and she came 196th out of 276, in a time of 20:56. The winner was Sabrina Smith from Kent, who came in at 16:52.


Saturday, 15th March

Donnington, Schools Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships

Again, having previously qualified, we had Hannah Talbot running in this race, over a distance of 3.1k, who came in at 11:40, and was placed 148th out of 343. I understand she was very pleased with this result.

On behalf of the Junior Coaches, I would like to congratulate Hannah for her hard work and determination that she has put in which has got her to this level of competitive running, and I hope she is able to aspire other juniors in the club to achieve in a similar way.


Sunday, 16th March

Stafford Half Marathon Fun Run

We had a number of juniors running on home soil, soaking up the race atmosphere, including George Hodkinson, Amy and Jake Oliver, Kieran Mogey and Sophia Bridgwood. Apologies if I have missed anyone off, but I understand all that took part had a thoroughly good time.


Stafford District Primary Schools Cross Country Championships

We had several Harriers representing their various schools, as follows:-

Jake Oliver, Ali Morgan, Sami Morgan

There were four races over four consecutive Tuesdays during February & March, and it was great yet again, to see some Harriers running in these.


Below is the February Junior Newsletter.