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The next complete beginners group will start 12th September 2016

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WEEK AHEAD (25th - 31st July)

Below are a list of offical club runs.


Headphones are not allowed on any club runs.



Monday 25th Rowley Park 6pm


Junior, Improvers  and Progression Group Route 5


Tuesday 26th Riverway 6.15pm


Club Roun Route Thirteen (Canal to Wildwood/Jacobs Ladder/ Canal Milford)


Alternative Speed/Endurance Session Rowley park.


Wednesday 27th 


Staffs Knot. No other sessions this week.


Thursday 28th 6.15pm


Club Run Brocton Coppice

Alternative run Route Fourteen. (Blackheath Lane/Beaconside/Stone Road)


Friday 29th 6pm


Improvers Group Glacial Bolder






Local Run.  Meerbrook 15


Club Runs 9am


Marquis Drive 




Staffs Knot 2016



Dear fellow runners,

It is with great regret and sincere apologies that things did not go according to plan at Wednesday nights race.

Even though a huge amount of planning, preparation and hard work goes into these events before, during and afterwards, unfortunately sometimes things can and do go wrong. We will not be attributing blame or naming/shaming anyone as that is not how we operate.


I can personally vouch for each and every member of Stafford Harriers, all of whom willingly give up their free time to help and support the club at not just the Staffs Knot but all our club events. I too was present at the event marshalling out on the course and am very greatful my fellow club members are just as enthusiastic.


Without this valuable support we would not be able to put on the events and as a club would struggle.
Hopefully the majority of runners still enjoyed the race (extra bit including) and won't be put off entering any future Stafford Harrier events.


We will over the next week or so fully debrief the event so we can identify the learning points and going forward ensure that all necessary safeguards and checks are put in to prevent a reoccurance from happening.


Please if anyone has any issues then contact me via the website where I am more than happy talk.


Yours in running

Darren Mattocks


Please email and you mail will be forwarded to Darren.

Harriers International


We are hoping in the next couple of weeks to have some details on a possible trip to Florence, Italy for our next venture. We are still waiting for details of flights to be released. Watch this space.


28/7/16 Still awaiting airlines releasing flight details.


We do now have a date for the race which is Sunday 9th April 2017. We will be looking to go out ont the Thursday or Friday  returning either the Monday or the Tuesday. This depends on available flights.




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