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The next group will start in September 2016

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If you are 8yrs to 16 yrs old, see the Our Young Athletes page.


WEEK AHEAD (2nd to 8th May)

Below are a list of offical club runs.


Headphones are not allowed on any club runs.



Monday 2nd  Bank Holiday - No runs from Rowley Park


No Juniors or beginners group from Rowley Park

Informal run from Costa Coffee, Queensville at 6pm. Route to be sorted on the night.


Tuesday 3rd Riverway 6.15pm


Surprise Surprise (Rowley Park)


Wednesday 4th Rowley Park




Craig's Improvers Speed Session, Improvers Group & Juniors. 




Complete Beginners


Local Race



Thursday 5th 6.15pm


White House

Alternative Club Run Route Nine (canal to Acton Trussell )



Friday 6th  6pm


Improvers Group Glacial Boulder



Sunday 8th


Local Runs.


The very popular Market Drayton 10K


Club Runs 9am


Marquis Drive

Burton Manor Shops




Manchester Marathon 2013, 2014, 2015.



Bad news folks if your Marathon pb was in Manchester in any of the above years. Please see article below which explains all.




"Three years of Greater Manchester Marathon times have been declared invalid after the course was found to be 380m too short."


The mistake, caused by a measuring error, affects about 24,000 runners who competed in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

UK Athletics will not now recognise times from those races, but the error was corrected in time for this year's marathon, which was held on 10 April.

A true marathon distance is 26 miles and 385 yards.

Marathon courses are measured out using a bicycle fitted with a counter to calculate distance by the turning of the wheels.

The Association of UK Course Measurers (AUKCM) said an accredited measurer had ridden the course in 2013 but indicated there had been an error in the calibration of the bicycle wheel.

The organisation said it regretted the mistake and the effect it has on runners' times.

"Significant errors in measurement are rare - our procedures are designed to find them at the reporting or checking stages," it added.

Xtra Mile Events, organisers of the marathon, said the blame lay with AUKCM.

They added: "We all understand the anguish and huge disappointment this creates and want to assure our runners that we share the upset and emotion from the AUKCM news regarding the race distance." 

Routes for the Monday Progression Group


The new Progression goup is going strong. To reduce the delay in setting off  Lisa has asked for the routes to be published.



25th April Route Click Here


2nd May As it is Bank Holiday there will be no runs from Rowley Park. Anyone wanting a run, there will be a group that will meet at 6pm at Costa Coffee on the Queensville Retail Park. The route will be sorted out on the night.


9th May Route Click Here



Important news about Road Races 2016


The Harriers has operated a non head phone policy on our sessions for a number of years. It looks like this is now going to be the normal for races as well.



Wearing of head phones in road races


From 1 April 2016 a new rule regarding the wearing of head phones in road races was introduced into the 2016-2018 edition of the UKA Rules of Competition:-

"The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic.

This restriction does not apply to races held on dual carriageways provided that there are clear, structured separations between the separate carriageways. Competition Providers of races held entirely on roads closed to traffic may apply this condition where appropriate to local circumstances."

Race Directors may apply the condition to any race where they consider the wearing of headphones to be a hazard - including, for example, where runners must be able to hear marshals' instructions or on a lap course, and UKA will support the race director where that local condition is applied.

Enforcement of this rule is a matter for the race director and referee and disqualification of runners who choose to ignore it is an option.

Race Directors should state at the point of entry and in all pre-race publicity whether or not headphones are banned because failure to do so could result in many runners appearing on the day expecting to run with them.

The rule book is available for reference at or to buy from Harry Hitchcock Ltd, Lyon House, 16 Lyon Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 3PU; 01932 225591



New Sponsors for Stafford Harriers.



"Stafford Harriers welcome Stafford Audi as the Sponsor of our Shugborough Relays event and we thank them for their generous donation. We also look forward to seeing some of their staff running the event as our very own Lindsey Foster press gangs her colleagues into entering."


Darren Mattocks (Chairman)

Staffs Ironman 70.3 - Stafford Harriers

12th June 2016


We need your help

Those of you that participated or even watched the Ironman last year will know what a fantastic event it was.
As a club we have been asked to help with the run section of the Ironman which takes place mainly in the grounds of the Shugborough Estate. We have been asked to run a feed station and staff nearby marshal points.


As such I am looking for at least 40 volunteers to help with this great event but the more we have will mean we can switch round regularly.

It will be great opportunity to showcase what being a Harrier and the Harrier spirit is all about. Not to mention we have several of our own Harriers competing in the event.

We can create our very own ‘Stafford Harrier Zone’ which is in the area (For those that know it) of where the Shugborough relays used to start. Hopefully have something similar to what we had at Thunder Run.

We can set up our base around the feed station and organise music/drums/cheerleaders whatever we want to make it memorable for the athletes. So if anyone has any ideas let’s hear them please.
It will be an all day event although exact timings are not yet known of when we would need to be in position.

If you are free on 12th June and would like to help please either email or let one of the committee know as I am keeping a list. Please state what you are available eg. Morning/afternoon/all day etc so I can formulate a plan.
More info will follow as it comes in.


Darren Mattocks





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