Christmas Handicap Race (The Peter Hodgetts Memorial Handicap)

Sunday 22nd December 9:30 for a 10:00 am start

Four times a year we hold the Harriers Handicap Race. Each race is open to all adult members and advanced juniors.

The winner is the first to complete a lap of the course on the Chase (approx 3.7 miles). To make it fair, the faster runners are delayed from starting. It is this handicap that makes the run interesting and gives everyone an equal chance of winning. To keep people from “under estimating” their speed people can’t win the race on their first attempt. Recent race results can also be used as evidence of current performance.!

The route used to be very muddy but over the years the route is now mainly gravel, with a short section that at times (after heavy rain) can still be testing.

Meeting point is the Chase Vista car park. 

Go to the “green triangle” in Brocton and take the steep hill out of the village, past the old quarry on the left and the car park entrance is on the next left bend (car park is on the right).

Ed Smith is in charge of setting people’s handicaps, helpers for marshalling and timekeeping are required.

Presentations and Refreshments

As normal after December Handicap, the presentation will be held in the warmth with a bite to eat and hydration facilities. This year as the club is still closed due to flood damage it will be held in the new Rugby Club off the Doxey Road from noon.

This is open to all members and their families, come along take part in the annual Christmas Jumper competition.

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