Junior News 2022

Junior Section Report for April 2022

April has been a relatively quiet month for the Juniors, with only a few events to report on.

Wednesday, 27th April

5K Time Trial, Castlefields

Jack Dawson was the only Junior to compete in this event, the first of six to be held the last Wednesday of each month through to September, and is intended for people to measure their improvement on the same course over time. Jack ran a very impressive 19:47, finishing in sixth position. Well done Jack!

Outside of the Harriers Brandon Smart has been doing some races at school, and finishing first in at least one of them – congratulations Brandon! Also, Reuben Willson, Finley Summers and George Millinchip have been running in some of the local Park Runs, all putting in some great performances, well done guys and keep up the fantastic effort.

The Monday night training sessions at the Cricket Club have continued to be steady with typically between 18 and 26 Juniors in attendance, and some new faces showing up, which has been encouraging to see. The lighter nights now open up more scope for improved and varied training sessions.

Junior Section Report for March 2022

Sunday, 13th March

Knighton Relays

Lucas Willson and Matthew Hilsdon ran in this event, along with Matthew’s dad, Phil (team name: Who brought Grandad?), in a total time of 2:06:20 and finishing in second place overall. Congratulations to Lucas and Matthew, oh and Phil for putting in a fantastic performance!

Sunday, 20th March

Stafford Half Marathon 1 mile Fun Run

We had three Juniors running in this local event, Finley Summers, Abe Langford and Shauna Burbridge, all putting in some great performances. Fin and Abe even managed to make the front-page photo of the Staffordshire Newsletter – well done all!

Saturday, 26th March

Derby Runner Midlands Counties Athletic Association 5K Championships, Sutton Park

Lucas Willson, Matthew Hilsdon and Ben Green ran in the U17 race, which saw some very stiff competition.

Lucas Willson
Matthew Hilsdon
Ben Green

Finishing Team Position: 6th

Well done to everyone who ran in this event.

Some of our Juniors have continued to compete in the local Park Runs all putting in some great performances and achieving some awesome times – well-done guys!

Finally, it should be noted that over the last six months or so, our older Juniors – Lucas Willson, Matthew Hilsdon and Ben Green have moved into training with the seniors and running as young adults in races. On behalf of the Junior Coaches, I would like to express my thanks for their hard work, determination and commitment over the years in representing the Junior Harriers, and I hope they all continue to progress as they move into competing against the seniors. The Senior Harriers need to be watching out for these guys!

Junior Section Report for February 2022

February has been another quiet month for the Juniors, with no known race participation to report on other than the weekly Park Runs. Lucas Willson continues to produce excellent times at the Marquis Drive event with him running a new personal best of 18:51 on 26th February – well done to Lucas and to the other Juniors who regularly run in these events.

Phil Hilsdon has recently started back up the faster Wednesday night run and Matt has been keeping his Dad company on these – the other older and faster Juniors who are able to run at an 8min/mile over 5-6 miles are encouraged to attend these where possible.

The Junior Flyer has now been sent to the printers for final production – a special thanks to Ben Green and Lucas Willson for their help on this, as well as Tom Davall for his assistance in putting it all together, and Steve McHugh for printing. It is hoped copies will be ready to hand out at the Stafford Half Marathon as well as to distribute around the local community. Some of the Together Active funding will be used to pay for the printing of these flyers.

Junior Section Report for January 2022

January has been a quiet month for the Juniors with no participation in any races, as far as we know other than the local Park Runs, where we have seen a few taking part in these events, all putting in some great performances.

The Monday and Wednesday night training sessions at the Cricket Club started back up w/c 10th January and have proved to be popular with some new faces showing up on the Monday nights, which has been encouraging to see.

A new copy of the Junior Section advertising flyer has been kindly drafted up by Pete Williams and after consultation with the other Junior coaches it is has been agreed to pass this on to a chosen selection of Juniors so they can contribute accordingly and then finally arrange to have some artwork added. It is hoped copies of the flyer will then be distributed around the local community such as schools, leisure centres and supermarkets.

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