Sunday 12th February – Practise run for Stafford Half

Open to all senior members of the club, even if you aren’t running the Half.

Although 4 weeks before the actual race, we wanted to avoid clashes with local races. We plan to have 3 possible routes for people to do.

  1. One returning from Birkdale Drive at 12.5km (7.8miles) via Tixal Road
  2. One returning Sandon Road at 18.2km (11.3miles) via the Isabel Trail
  3. The other full 21km (13.1 miles) distance.

As with all our training runs mustering is compulsory and so your run distance will be great than listed above.

Water stations at Salt Avenue, Birkdale Drive and Sandon Road.

Our practise route

As we are starting from the Cricket club we will be missing the Meadows loop.
We will be using the Two Waters Way (the new bridge) rather than the dangerous Baswich Lane.
After the park, we will head straight back rather than a finishing in town.

Route 2023

There are changes to the route for 2023 but not with Stone Road and Holmcroft as previously posted.

Only the start and finish locations have moved!




Training Plans

Vanessa Welham has created a number of training plans that people may want to use.




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